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Oh, Mister Mailman... by Imajiru
The joys of the U.S. Postal Service.

Playing Goddess by Shalimar
Mulder and Scully go camping, then swimming.

Poetry in Motion by Rhondda Lake
Poetry and thoughts lead to action.

Point of View by Parrotfish
The aftermath of a trying case, Mulder, Scully, Scotch, and stargazing...

Saying the Words by Karen Rasch
The consummation of a new relationship.
Sequel to Three Little Words

Seek Ye by Daydreamer
After a cryptic phone call, Mulder ditches Scully. Injured and confused while seeking
answers, Mulder disappears and can't tell Scully where he is.

The Small Cat by LiliBlue
Mulder and Scully through the eyes of a Small One.

Smoking by Alanna & Michaela
Oh, the trials and tribulations of jealousy and frustration.

Taming the Unicorn by Imajiru
Mulder makes an interesting discovery about Scully.

Three Little Words by Karen Rasch
Mulder is forced to divulge his feelings for Scully in a way he never intended.
Prequel to Saying the Words

Undertow by Mesa
The danger of the oceans is that you can never see the undertow until it's too late.
Prequel to Weightless

Vantage Points by Marguerite
Recalling "the night before"--Scully's thoughts, then Mulder's.

Volition Unbound by Rachel Anton
The return of a man from Scully's past forces her to make some decisions.

Weightless by Mesa
A flight home and a realization of what waits.
Sequel to Undertow

What We Risk by Lydia Bower
A night-time flight home and an unexpected conversation about love and loss. Post-Emily

Will to Power by Birgit Mueller
When Scully is stabbed by an unknown hiker during the investigation of a Rocky
Mountain trail abduction site, buried feelings surface for both of them as Mulder must
do all he can to keep her alive -- and protect her from Robert Patrick Modell.

Prequel to A Covenant of the Will

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