First-Time A-M

After Eight by DashaK & Plausible Deniability
Mulder, Scully, and a mysterious Magic 8 Ball.

Bound by Faith and Bound by Faith II: Each to the Other by MCA
What is the price of memory? Scully writes a letter to a missing Mulder.

Contact High by Penumbra
M&S's mushroom experience produces some lingering consequences. Post-Field Trip

Cieca Fede by Thalia D'Muse
"Was discovering the truth worth it?" Mulder and Scully finally discover the truth, and
each other -- but the consequence is something neither of them expected.

A Covenant of the Will by Birgit Mueller
Scully begins to recover from her injuries, but her doctor makes a discovery that puts
them all in danger.

Sequel to Will to Power

Dance Without Sleeping by Lydia Bower
Scully learns to live with her cancer and take back control of her life.

Dangerous by Yonada
The ride home from the hospital gets "hot" and emotional. Post-Memento Mori

Dark and Dangerous by MustangSally
Major ScullyAngst. Cars, coffee, tears, and sex. Post-Gethsemane

Eat It Too by Rachel Anton
It's Mulder's birthday!

Fire and Ice by Jennifer Lyon
Mulder and Scully are ordered to attend a Bureau function, where they have a
surprisingly good time. Afterward, they have an even better time!

Frozen by DashaK
The end of a case, and a stay in a log cabin during a blizzard, lead Scully to take the
biggest risk of her life.

Having a Happy X-Mas by Ten
Mulder meets a very unusual relative of Scully's during X-Mas dinner 1998.

In the Ruins by Lydia Bower
Some fires destroy. Others cleanse. Mulder and Scully experience both. Post-The End

A Kaleidoscopic Christening by J. Hallmark
Mulder and Scully celebrate in the wake of her cancer remission.

The Letter by Shalimar
Who is whose soul-mate? Post-Field Where I Died

Magnet Cove by Leyla Harrison
Does Mulder know everything about Scully -- or is there something that she's keeping
from him?

Mid-Winter Thaw by Lydia Bower
How far will Scully go to save Mulder from the mind of a madman?

Mother's Day by Alexa Foxx
Mulder visits Scully on Mother's Day determined to help her face her grief over
Emily's death and begin to heal.

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