"Fight the Future" First-Time A-M

Blur by Leyla Harrison
Mulder and Scully reflect on what could have been and are faced with what could be.

Complexities of Time by Morgan
The physical in its purest form is merely an expression of the complexities of time.

Honey from the Hive by Holly Benton
Mulder pays Scully a post-Antarctic visit.

I Have Seen by Imajiru
Rescue and beyond.

Ineffable by Birgit Mueller
Ineffable (adj.): Incapable of being expressed; indescribable or unutterable.

Laid Bare by Ten
Let us NOT slow pan up up and away from that crater hug.

Like Falling by Birgit Mueller
Coming back from the brink of a crater.

A Makeshift Kiss by Jill Selby
A promise made in a hallway.

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