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This site was originally created by Birgit Mueller for recommendations of MSR "first-time" stories. When Geocities closed down free site hosting in October 2009, I was unable to contact Birgit for permission to move the site. I took it upon myself to save everything and rebuild the archive using the original appearance with a few minor modifications.

This will remain an archive of first-time stories, but it will no longer be a recommendation site. ALL first-time stories will be housed here, from the light and humorously romantic to the dark and angst-ridden, with ratings from G to NC-17. The key thing they will have in common is a focus on Mulder/Scully romance, specifically first-blush romance. So if you know of any stories that belong here and aren't, please email me and suggest them.

Many of these stories are extremely old, so be aware that the email addresses on them may not work. If any author finds a story here that they don't want included in the archive, let me know and we'll discuss it. Above all, enjoy the fic!

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